culturalive: fermented on Salt Spring Island

wild bacteria + fresh local ingredients + love = alchemical abundance

The Way We Do It

At Culturalive we ferment our vegetables the traditional way in ceramic crocks to ensure the flavour and nutrients of the vegetables are as alive and vital as when they were first harvested.

We invite wild bacteria to culture our vegetables and never pasteurize so the goodness that gives our fermentations their distinct flavour and vitality are still present for you to enjoy.

living traditions

The practice of consuming fermented foods has been part of societies around the world for almost the entire human existence. The fermentation process preserves nutrients and enzymes, and adds probiotics so we can eat live all year around-without the expense of  importing foods. ~resiliance at its best!~

Fermenting vegetables produces beneficial bacteria and active enzymes to aid digestive health. Our ferments have at least one million probiotics per gram.

~local ~ organic ~ wild~

Combining locally grown produce, medicinal herbs and wild crafted plants. Nutrient, probiotic and enzyme rich. Healing with  our earth’s abundance.
  • Mild & hot kimchi
  • Dulse sauerkraut
  • Carrot and ginger sauerkraut
  • Green gold
  • Radiant roots
  • Ruby Immunity

"The science and art of fermentation is, in fact, the basis of all culture: without culturing there is no culture." ~ Sally Fallon Learn More