Our Products

Many of the people who try our cultured vegetables at the market are surprised how much they like them because their idea of sauerkraut comes from a jar bought from the supermarket shelf. But our products are different – they are fresh and live! No industrial vinegar, no high temperatures, no time spent on the shelf. We use locally grown, organic vegetables, high quality salt and spices and ferment everything in traditional ceramic crocks, letting time do its thing.

Using raw, himalyan pink salt and organic produce, we offer the following varieties of fermented vegetables all year:

IMG_2819 (2)

  • Carrot Ginger & Cabbage (carrots, ginger, cabbage, salt) ~Salt Spring grown carrots make this kraut zesty and a bit sweet~




  • Dulse & Cabbage (Cabbage, dulse, salt) ~Mineral rich dulse that we purchase directy from New Brunswick harvesters.  This kraut is grounding and mild~



  • IMG_2813 (2)Mild & Hot Kimchi (suichoy, daikon, carrot, ginger, onion, garlic, chili peppers, salt). ~A vegan version, called ‘white kimchi’ in Korea. Garlic, carrots, chili peppers and onions come from our farm or farms on Salt Spring.~



  • IMG_2807 (2)Green gold (cabbage, fennel, nettles tips, kale, orange zest, fennel seed, fair trade spirulina, salt) ~Our most nutrient packed kraut. Wild crafted nettle tips harvested in spring, our own kale, and sweet fennel. A complex, sweet kraut; a kids favorite! Cleansing and enriching ~


  • Radiant roots (cabbage, burdock, turmeric, bayleaf, ginger, salt) ~Combining the blood cleansing benefits of burdock with turmerics’ anti inflammatory qualities and the warming, digestive benefits of ginger. A true healing kraut if ever there was one.~
  • Ruby Immunity (green cabbage, beets, cinnamon, fennel, cardamon, eleuthero root, astragalus root, codonopsis root, salt). Powerful immune support, and sweet warming herbs fermented with iron rich beautiful beets and cabbage.


If you have the opportunity to visit us on Salt Spring Island, come by the Saturday or Tuesday Market to taste our specialty seasonal sauerkrauts:

  • Garlic, Chili, Lime & Cabbage
  •  Spicy Radish & Cabbage
  • Beet, Apple, Ginger
  • Apple, Dill & Cabbage
  • Gypsy Kraut~a roaming blend of freshly harvested vegetables and smoked paprika
  • Beet, Tarragon & Cabbage
  • Kosher Style Pickles & Beans
  • Indian lemon pickle
  • Morrocan lemon pickle
  • Eggplant kimchi
  • Fruit kimchi